How Coinomize works?

Coinomize shuffle your Bitcoins

Only 3 easy steps to your freedom.

1.  Enter up to five BTC addresses and send the coins you want to mix to the newly generated address. Only one confirmation is needed.

2. Coinomize shuffle your coins and make them untraceable. We dont safe any logs from you even not your IP Address. All orders are automatically deleted.

3. Once the mixing process is complete, coinomize will send you new, clean BTCs, with the delay you choose, to your Adresses.

Easy to use

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Mix your BTCs in seconds with our very simple mixer dasboard.

How do I get started? It's very easy, just click on "Start Mixing now" above.

With Coinomize, even your grandparents can make Bitcoins untraceable! You can decide how much fees you want to pay and how long the mixing process should take. More fees and a longer mixing time also means more anonymity.

Adding up to 5 recipient addresses makes tracking even more difficult and with Coinomize you are fully protected. We will then distribute your clean coins to these addresses when the mixing process is completed.

You can check the status of your order at any time via "Order Status". If you send Coins to us, the transaction will be approved after only 1 confirmation on the blockchain.

After you have received your clean Bitcoins from us, you can delete your order via a button from our servers, otherwise your order will be deleted automatically. We do not store any logs of your transaction, we only know your BTC address if your order has not been deleted.

Why mix my BTCs?

Each blockchain transaction can be traced back to you. You can use Coinomize if you want to protect your privacy.

Why mix my BTCs

The use of a Bitcoin mixer is suitable for anyone who wants to hide their identity when sending Bitcoins to another person.

Lets give you some examples:

- You use a VPN to hide your public IP address and other encrypted communication systems such as anonymous email addresses when you shop online and want to pay with Bitcoins, but you forgot to mix your Bitcoins beforehand with Coinomize, the recipient could trace your transaction back and find out your identity.

- You are a Bitcoin investor or miner and do not want to be tracked by government agencies because crypto currencies are not allowed in your country. Just use Coinomize and be protected.

You can use a Bitcoin Mixer for many reasons, for any Bitcoin payment where you want to remain 100% anonymous.

Things to know

What you need to know about Bitcoin Mixers, how to use them and why you should use one?

As a Bitcoin trader, are you ever concerned about your privacy and identity safety when transacting Bitcoin? Do you wish to anonymize your digital trail and reduce the chances of Bitcoin transactions being traced back to you? That is where Bitcoin mixers come into play.

What are Bitcoin Mixers?

A Bitcoin mixer (Coin Mixers), also known as a Bitcoin Tumbler , is an intermediary software platform that sits between you as the sender and the recipient during a Bitcoin transaction. Its work is randomizing the coins sent so that when they get to the receiver, they cannot be traced back to your Bitcoin wallet.

We all know privacy is of the utmost importance when it comes to the internet. Cryptocurrency mixer allow you to conduct safe and anonymous Bitcoin transactions without the risk of exposing your details. They allow you to hide the connection between your Bitcoin transactions and your real-life identity on your Bitcoin address.

How do Bitcoin Mixers work and
how to you use a Bitcoin Tumbler?

1.You will have to create a wallet using your real identity over the internet, then buy some Bitcoins and deposit them to the wallet.

2.You will make another Bitcoin wallet through the TOR browser, and directly transfer the coins from the first wallet to the second wallet.

3.You will create a third wallet linked to the Bitcoin mixer service and over the TOR browser.

Next, you will research the best Bitcoin mixer, for example Ensure that you choose a Bitcoin Tumbler that works for you. After you have decided, create an order at the desired Bitcoin Tumbler and get a newly generated deposit address.

Now, you can send your Bitcoin from your second wallet to the generated address on the mixer. It is best to ensure that the transaction is done on a TOR browser with the JavaScript disabled. Do not transact Bitcoin via any crypto tumbler that requires you to enable your browser's JavaScript.

The coins are then sent to the mixer, which then anonymizes that through blending with other coins on a blockchain, before sending them to the third wallet. It is now from the third wallet that you can send the Bitcoin to the intended destination. The process ensures that your transactions remain anonymous and your privacy maintained.

How many People use Bitcoin Mixers?

Bitcoin mixers are quite common, especially with this era of internet privacy. A few years back, there was a common myth that only cyber criminals should be concerned about their privacy. Thats not true. Privacy is crucial, and every internet user needs to protect theirs.

Many third-party firms, such as advertising platforms and businesses, continually search for people's private information to customize their adverts. After all, we are in the information era. To prevent such third-parties from accessing information, many people opt to use anonymizing software to keep their financial lives private.

That said, Bitcoin tumblers are quite common these days, and anyone with a regard for their privacy uses them. A lot of people transacting Bitcoin these days use these anonymizer services for one reason or the other. Ultimately, it keeps them and their information safe from malicious attacks on the internet.

What is the best Bitcoin Mixer?

There are a lot of bitcoin mixer platforms on the market. Choosing the best bitcoin blender is important to ensure that your privacy is protected. A solid bitcoin mixer should focus on privacy and be easy to use for you. Coinomize is the best bitcoin tumbler in 2021, let us explain why?

What makes Coinomize to the best Bitcoin Tumbler in 2021?

As stated above, the best btc mixing service in 2021 is Coinomize. According to various media reports and analysis, it is the one-stop service for secure bitcoin mixing because it offers complete anonymity. Moreover, its high-quality services are available at low fees, in fact, it is the cheapest bitcoin mixing service on the market.

Coinomize offers fast and accurate Bitcoin mixing for users, as soon as the transaction is made. It then severs the link of that transaction, making it impossible for anyone to trace back the original Bitcoin wallet used to deposit the coins.

Furthermore, Coinomize doesn't keep the transaction logs or any other user-related data traced back to the user after transacting with them. Here, clients have the opportunity to erase the records themselves, or if not, an auto-deletion occurs after 72 hours removing the records permanently. The procedure allows for utmost accuracy in ensuring user private data security and anonymity.

It is also worth mentioning that Coinomize is the best option for users in countries where Bitcoin is illegal.

For such users, Coinomize offers complete anonymity from government tracking, thus safety from the law.

Coinomize offers users a payment mixing system through a bitcoin laundry, also called bitcoin blender (coin blender), making a transaction untraceable for both the sender and the recipient. Coinomize also protects the user's identity through the use of an anonymizing feature.

When coins are mixed, they are sent to the specific withdraw address providing every user with complete privacy and anonymity during the transaction.

Are Bitcoin Mixers Illegal?

Is a Crypto Mixer or Bitcoin Mixer legit? This question is often asked. Not too long ago, a man named Larry Harmon was arrested in Ohio for operating Helix, a coin mixing service along with a darknet search engine also known as Gram. He was charged with money laundering for creating an unlicensed money transfer platform.

However, using a bitcoin mixing software was not the cause of the problem here. Helix was an unauthorized coin mixing business connected with other Larry's companies and Gram, the darknet TOR based search engine. The government confiscated all of his Bitcoin and his service was shut down due to the illegal operation of a btc mixer.

So, what does this mean for you as a bitcoin user? Right now, Bitcoin mixers are more in a gray area that many governments don't like to see because it means they miss out on a lot of taxes and they always want to be in control of people. In order for an Exchanger service to be recognized as legal, they have to go through the legal due process and register with the authorities. They also have to show that they have no involvement in illegal business and illegal activities and store and show all the data of users and confirm their identity.

We are far from a complete Bitcoin privacy, and authorities are always on the lookout for suspicious activity from most coin tumblers. In 2019, we saw the closure of, a centralized bitcoin blender, among other tumblers. It shows that there is a thin line between privacy and violations of the law. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you choose a Bitcoin mixing service that does not store any user data.

Before using any Bitcoin mixer (tumbler bitcoin), it is crucial to review it thoroughly.

Coinomize is a great example of a top-notch, perfect Bitcoin tumbler that you can use without fear of having your privacy violated on the Internet. It offers complete anonymity of your transactions and user data and leaves no traces for authorities or hackers trying to track your transactions.

Can Bitcoin be traced back to me?

There is a common myth that Bitcoin is an untraceable mode of payment, and can be used to pay for illicit activities by criminals. Those that believe this myth often think that Bitcoin is untraceable and therefore can't be tracked. Besides, they also believe that private information is safe and cannot face exposure.

It is not always the case. To some extent, Bitcoin offers privacy in comparison to other modes of payment, especially those involving third-party businesses like credit cards. However, it does not provide complete anonymity like the one given by cash transactions. It is possible to trace a person through their Bitcoin transactions and gain some valuable information.

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer, decentralized digital currency. Its transactions do not involve the use of third-party platforms to support transactions. But that doesn't mean there's no way to track transactions. This is where the so-called blockchain comes into play - ever heard of it?

The blockchain acts as the ledger for Bitcoin. It is publicly viewable and operated by many independent computers that record each Bitcoin transaction in units called blocks. Therefore, Bitcoin transactions leave a public digital trail that can be traced back to the bitcoin address owner. Transactions are not completely untraceable, so the use of bitcoin mixing service is recommended to obscure personal information about the owner on the blockchain.

Is a Bitcoin Laundry safe?

Bitcoin laundering is often used as a method of maintaining anonymity in Bitcoin transactions. It allows your financial life to remain anonymous. However, a question arises: is it safe? Well, the answer depends on the bitcoin laundering service you use. Choose a trustworthy Bitcoin Tumbler service that won't run off with your Bitcoin.

You should carefully check the features they offer and how much value is placed on privacy and anonymity and how long data is stored.

If you research keenly before conducting any transaction using a Bitcoin laundry service, then your transactions are safe. If not, you risk putting your coins and your privacy at risk. Your private information could be exposed, and transactions tracked back to you if you don't research keenly. Therefore, check for reviews before using any coin tumbler.

Cryptomixer have been in play for quite some time now in an attempt to address the privacy issues related to Bitcoin. They help safeguard your privacy during transactions to prevent such transactions being traced back to you. However, not all mixers are safe, and it calls for you to research to ensure that whatever service you are using, your privacy is of utmost concern.

How do I make my Bitcoin anonymous?

Besides the use of a Bitcoin Mixer you should also consider a few other things.

  • To make anonymous bitcoin transactions, buy your coins through a VPN or do all blockchain transactions over the Tor network and choose a provider (Peer-to-Peer) that requires as little personal information from you as possible.
  • Use an Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet Hardware on your computer and do not use online providers to store your Bitcoins.
  • Before you want to withdraw your Bitcoin back to a bank account, use a Bitcoin Tumbler to leave no trace.
  • How much does it cost to use a Bitcoin Mixer?

    This depends on your selected settings on the Mixing page. You can set the fees and settings yourself.

    Service fees Network fees Time delay Confirmations required
    1% - 5% 0.0003 BTC Instantly - 72 hours 1


    Some questions and answers that will help you with Coinomize and Bitcoin Mixing. Visit the FAQ Page for more.

    What is Coinomize?

    Coinomize is a mixing service that allows Bitcoin owners to disguise their Bitcoin transactions, so that no one can trace their BTCs back anymore. Without mixing your Coins, everyone can track your wallet addresses and transactions in the Blockchain. The minimum deposit is just 0.0015 BTC. Coinomize generates the letter of gurantee for each transaction signed by its public address to make sure that it comes from / or You can find many good Bitcoin Blender reviews about Coinomize on the internet. Multiple addresses are currently no longer offered but will probably come back. Coinomize breaks the connection between Bitcoin transactions.

    If you send your Bitcoins to Coinomize, only one confirmation is needed.

    We do not store any logs of your transaction, not even your IP or Bitcoin addresses. We delete all orders after 24-72 hours (Depending on choosen delay time.), but you can also delete it yourself. Please always download the Letter of Guarantee for later questions.

    Simply create a support ticket and we will respond as soon as possible. Usually in just a few hours, but within 24 hours at the latest. We want to offer you the best possible support and answer always any Ticket.

    You can choose the fees by yourself. These start at 1% up to 5%, depending on how anonymous you want to be + 0.0003 BTC Miner Fee.

    • We're just in the beta phase. You can help and improve Coinomize by donating to us. Our donations Bitcoin address: